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Mission Statement

The West Los Angeles College Athletic Department shall be governed by the intent and spirit of the Constititutions of the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA), the Sport Guides of the Western State Conference (WSC), and the Southern California Football Association (SCFA).  We continuously strive to be members in good standing in these organizations and are further governed by the policies and procedures of the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD).  The Department of Athletics will execute its mission, as directed by the President, the LACCD Board of Trustees, and its Chancellor.  The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics considers itself an integral part of the fabric of this outstanding community college.  We want to be recognized as a core educational program of the college and servants of the overall college mission. 


Embraced in the mission of the Department of Athletics are the following operating principles and objectives:


  • We believe the Department of Athletics to be an integral part of the college and our campus community.  We are members of the Student Services Division and operate under the direction of the Vice President for Student Services.
  • Consistent with the mission and values of West Los Angeles College, the department is dedicated to enhancing the intellectual, physical, social, moral and cultural development of the whole person; while conducting all activities with honesty and integrity in accordance with the principles of good sportsmanship and ethical conduct.
  • Our department pursues its mission while upholding the values, purposes and policies of West Los Angles College, the LACCD, the CCCAA, the WSC, and the SCFA.  We will operate with complete rule compliance in all areas.
  • Our primary mission is the academic success of our student-athletes; it is our number one goal.  Transforming lives through education . . . . . . . our emphasis is on course completion, retention, earning certificates and degrees, graduation and transfer.
  • We are totally committed to successful fiscal management based on effective pre-planning, responsible spending, budget management and accountability.
  • We are committed to excellence in academics and athletics.  We believe that healthy competition, conducted according to the rules, good sportsmanship, ethics and honor, can bring out the best in the student-athlete, and is great preparation for life after college.
  • We believe in the whole person concept and are committed to assist our student-athletes with their personal growth and development as students, people and athletes.
  • We are committed to fair and equitable treatment of all student-athletes and staff.  We will maintain an environment and department culture that promotes gender equity and embraces diversity.
  • We strive to win, to achieve and to excel, but we believe that each individual student-athlete striving to work hard and to do their best is at the heart, spirit and purpose of collegiate athletic competition.
  • We are committed to recruit local student-athletes from our feeder high schools within our district and from our contiguous district.  We have an open enrollment policy, but we also want to recruit students of the highest character who possess the skills, and desire necessary to succeed.
  • We strive to be completely transparent and to communicate openly and honestly with every constituent.
  • We are committed to being a positive campus partner.  We will strive to strengthen and build relationships with students, faculty, administrators, and staff from other areas of our campus.
  • We are committed to excellence in customer service.  Our customers are the current student-athletes and their families, college alumni, fans, ticket holders, or contributors who must be treated with the utmost respect.
  • We believe our coaches, staff and student-athletes must uphold a sense of high character, honesty and integrity.  They constantly serve as ambassadors for our institution in the community and the larger city of Los Angeles.
  • We are committed to providing the best possible coaching, equipment and athletic facilities for our student-athletes.
  • We believe in empowering individuals (student-athletes, coaches and staff) to make decisions that will lead to their success.  With this privilege comes responsibility and accountability.
  • We will strive to expand opportunities for participation by the utmost number of students.
  • We will provide opportunities for individual growth and development, but we will also promote and think “Team First” in creating a department where our many parts work cooperatively and collaboratively toward a single goal, while coaches and athletes from all sports support the efforts of their peers and colleagues.  Wildcat Pride.


WEST:  A gateway to success for every student.